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School Data Dashboard, Insights, and more... SILQ-EDU


School Data Dashboard, Insights, and more...
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What We Do

One insightful online dashboard with complete, robust analysis compiled from multiple school data sources for school principals and funding partners. School leaders want to know which programs work, and which students need extra help. But some schools must spend extra time compiling data at-hand from multiple student data systems. We save time by compiling and analyzing the data to provide a simple, quick way to display real-time, complete insight and reports.



We help school leaders and funding partners save time by reducing the number of systems they must use to gain a full picture of school success. One dashboard-style view gives visual touch points of real-time data so that a principal can put fingers on the pulse of his/her institution in an instant.


Schools have many options for gathering and storing data. We compile and analyze information from all data collection points like LMS, SIS, email, and more.


Our goal is to give principals, superintendents, and foundations a complete snapshot of their schools/districts in one place. We offer data analytics using cutting edge algorithms and machine learning.


We work with schools to build a complete tool to answer specific questions about efficacy of programming and student success. We also offer our own correlational analysis which is supported by research and our in-house computer science experts.

TEAM Meet the founders

Allison Sheppard Nokes


With more than 15 years of experience in K-12 education, Nokes has worked with students as a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, and most recently as IT Director. Before pivoting into her education career, Nokes worked in the logistics field where she gained experience and knowledge in data analytics. Nokes holds a Master of Science degree with a concentration on integrating technology in education. Nokes is also an accomplished photographer and dabbles in graphic design.



Borhan Samei


Borhan is a computer scientist with more than 5 years of experience in machine learning and intelligent systems. During his academic career he has worked on several projects applying Artificial Intelligence for tutoring and educational technologies and has contributed to major scientfic journals in the field.
His passion for innovation and EdTech has lead him to his entrepreneurial path. He is also a musican and songwriter.


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